Secondary Service Connection for Veterans' Disabiling Conditions

Secondary service-connection is available for almost any disability that is the result of a separate, valid service-connected condition. Secondary service connection may be established where (1) a primary service- connected condition contributes to the creation of a new disability, or (2) a primary service- connected disability aggravates (worsens) a non-service connected condition.

A secondary disability can occur any time after military service, as long as there is sufficient medical evidence to show that it is the result of a service- connected condition. For example, a veteran is eligible for service connected disability compensation for a severe physical impairment. This veteran may also qualify for a secondary service connection if the veteran’s personal psychiatrist determines that because of the service-connected physical condition, the veteran has developed depression.

There are many other situations where a veteran may qualify for secondary service connection. If you believe that you may have a claim, or if you previously filed a claim and were denied, The Law Office of Sonya L. Pence stands ready and prepared to assist you and your family to receive the disability benefits you rightly deserve.